COVID-19: In-home child-care providers face tough decisions despite government aid

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In-home child-care providers feel bypassed by the provincial government’s compensation plans, some of whom face a total loss of income.

While larger group child-care facilities that stay open can access $20,000 a month or more to get them through the COVID-19 crisis, smaller operators say they could see as little as a few hundred dollars.

Care providers face months of financial uncertainty, if they choose to accept the government aid package, said Rena Laberge, chair of the B.C. Family Child Care Association.

“If they take the emergency funding, they are not allowed to charge parents they currently have enrolled if they choose not bring their children to the child care,” she said. “And they have to guarantee those spaces will still be there when the pandemic is over, and no one can say when that will be.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government announced that licensed centres could receive seven times their normal subsidy if they stay open.

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